Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Too much stress will kill me, period.

Father-in-law operation - done.

Hubby's hand surgery - done.

What's left of me is a big bag of nodes and nooks and crannies, so tensed and so contracted that the left side of my body is nothing but pain. I hate that pain, as much as I hate stress. Playing video games should make me feel relaxed, but in my current state it's the reverse.

So today I let it all go, and decided to shop for a bag. Yes, another bag, an Oilily one. And there it was, the cute model in blue, the one I had seen several days before on the net. CAlled my mahal for advise, and there it is, on its plastic bag.

4 more days to work and I'll be on vacation for one week. I welcome those with all my heart, because I feel sooo exhausted right now.

I need a break, really.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Et les autres???????

A une pensée émue pour tous les enfants morts, les adultes aussi, en Suisse comme ailleurs.  Parce que si j'avais un enfant, je préférerais qu'ils soit sur la liste des vivants plutôt que des morts. En a marre de la mascarade médiatique, même au risque de paraître insensible, cruelle, dégu***asse [insert bad name here]. Même si je n'ai pas d'enfant(s), je suis la fille de mes parents, alors OUI, je peux compatir également. Maintenant, ce serait bien qu'on fiche la paix aux familles et qu'on les laissent faire leur deuil loin des caméras.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Deux poids, Deux mesures

Les gens sont étranges. Ceux-à même qui fustigent la violence raciale, l'intimitation, et demandent le respect, sont parfois les premiers à se marrer pour une blague raciale éculée.

Je m'explique: certains de mes amis s'offusquaient en Anglais contre les "Bullies" (on en a tous au moins rencontré un dans notre vie, pas besoin de vous faire un dessin). C'était donc un petit post grave et plein de bons sentiments, du genre "the girl you called fat: she's starving herself. Re-post if you are against bullying". en soi, cette idée est tout à fait louable. J'ai connu ces bullies à l'école primaire, ils peuvent vraiment vous pourrir la vie.

La où les bons sentiments ont un goût saumâtre, c'est quand on retrouve ces mêmes bons amis (belges) approuver une blague ridicule et raciste "Comme quoi, quand les Français ferment leur g***, tout le monde les apprécient!". Enfin vous voyez le genre. Au coeur de cette farce? Le succès de film muet français "The Artist" (personne n'a jugé bon de relever que la musique (Oscarisée) du film a été enregistrée en .. Belgique: elle a --je cite SudPresse --" en effet été enregistrée à Bruxelles, par le Brussels Philharmonic, le Brussels Jazz Orchestra, ainsi que le musicien Jef Neve". Ca vous situe un peu le binz, comme on dit à Bruxelles.

"Ah mais chère madame, ce n'est qu'une blague, voyons, c'est just pour rigoler". -- Oh, vraiment? J'en conclu donc que les bons sentiments fonctionnent au "deux poids, deux mesures"? Que, vu que c'est une blaque, il serait ridicule de s'en offusquer?

Et bien moi, je m'en offusque.

Au nom de mon père (Français), je m'en offusque.
Au nom de ma nationalité (française), je m'en offusque.
Au nom de tous ces bons sentiments, je m'en offusque.

Les bons sentiments, c'est quand même "Tof" hein, une fois?

C'est pour rire.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

There and Back Again

It seems I changed my mind, and decided to revive this blog after all... 

For what purpose I do not know yet. First I wanted to get rid of all those old posts, but since no one ever read those pages anymore, I thought why not keep it a little longer? 

Facebook can be a nice tool, but it makes people lazy. You spend more time socializing and liking, fast commenting and lurking, rather that get back to your old self and run fingers on the Ole Keyboard. Here goes then, the first entry of year 2012. 



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inu World

I thought it was about time to update this little piece of blog. Not that I have sensational things to say, or that I am back into blogging (Facebook got me all spoilt, you know?), but the url is still mine, and I do not feel like taking all those memories down.

This said, I don't like the new templates much, I don't feel like spending hours tweaking the code, so this pretty neutral background will do for now :). Too bad I forgot to save my previous code, Blogger erased it when upgrading the template. Mea maxima culpa of course, but some links are lost for goods I am afraid.

Time to turn the page anyway.

So here we go, welcome to my own take at reality....

Sandra H.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Makeup Things

§ High End §

Chanel Quads:
- beiges velours
- sparkling satins

Chanel Lippies:
- Aqualumière/ Bali
- Aqualumière/ Waikiki
- Rouge Allure/ Nude

Dior Quads:
- moonray
- golds
- sky glow
- tropical light
- electric lights
- pink may

Dior highlighters:
- amber diamond
- pop diamond

Dior foundation:
- diorskin nude

Dior Lippies:
- addict highshine catwalk mauve #680
- addict highshine sensation coral
- addict highshine pink attitude
- addict highshine champagne blush

Estée Lauder Signature Lippie:
- vintage mauve #18
- tender mauve #17

Estée Lauder nail polish:

Shiseido nail polish:

Guerlain Quad:
- Divinora quad Touche de Brun 241

Guerlain Lippie:
- plus que jamais rose #160

Innoxa eyeshadows:
- vanille

T. LeClerc loose powder:
- banane
- nacré
- lilium
- orchidée
- chair rosée (sample)
- ocre rosé (sample)
- parme (sample)

La Mer:
- moisturizing cream (sample)

§ Drugstores §

Bourjois blushes:
-lune d'or #35
-rose d'or #34
-lilas d'or #33

Bourjois eyeshadows suivez mon regard:
- beige sunshine #25
- bleu insolite
- illuminateur

Bourjois mascara:
- volume glamour

Bourjois FDT:
-comme après 10H de sommeil #73

Bourjois Powder:
- beige clair # 71 pressed powder
- champagne (?) loose powder

Gemey-Maybelline mascara:
- le colossal

- Terre Indienne teint clair

Gemey-Maybelline lippies: colour sensational
- sweet pink #132
- galactic mauve #240
- magic mauve #245
- pleasure me red #547
- precious beige #605

Gemey-Maybelline Water Shine lippie
- mauve diamons #110/225

- Nivea Crème classic

NIVEA concealer
- concealer stick (Nude 008)

NIVEA nail polish

NIVEA lippies : colour passion
- satinette #14

L'Oreal Lippies:
- rose idylle #721(Colour Riche Star Secret Eva Longoria)
- noemie plum #701 (Colour Riche Star Secret Noémie Lenoir)
- Dune # 240 (colour riche Made for Me/Brunettes)

Rimmel pressed powder:
- peach glow #003

Yves Rocher/ Luminelle rouge glossy:
- parme scintillant
- framboise givrée

- nail polish
- pressed powder

§ Good find §

Essence makeup line:
- overall highlighter
- concealer
- 4 lipglosses
- 5 mini lip glosses
- 6 lippies
- 1 duo eye shadows
- 1 quattro eye shadows
- about 10 nail polishes

Catrice makeup line:
- some nail polishes
- 2 quads eyeshadows
- 4 mono eyeshadows
- 2 blushes

§ Philippines §

- Nichido blush in peach
- Kokuryu foundation pressed powder
- NIVEA whitening day cream
- Maybelline pressed powder (Asian skin)

§ Discontinued §



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Links update

Added a few nice URLs check them out!

Happily enjoying my new iPod, and the gazillion of new Podcasts : Munchcast (go Leo!), DiggReel, Rad Show, Scam School, Cnet, Buzz out loud... simply great and enterntaining

Also added some nice ladies blog, about beauty, beauty and beauty :) Please welcome Christine, Jojoba and FuzKittie to the newly added links :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chinese portrait

On to the survey:

where is your cell phone? Which one hehe? The violet on is in my bag, as for the two other, must hide somewhere in our lounge ^^
where is your significant other? home, preparing the marinade for our meal tonight
hair color? gold-brown (natural)
your mother? is the coolest mom on Earth
your father? the man of my ife, aside of my hubby
your favorite thing? my PSP cfw (chuuuuut )
your dream last night? can't remember
your dream/goal? just be happy with hubby :) priceless...
the room you're in? office
your hobby? reading/playing/cooking
your fear? being alone in a place i don't know. mold.
where do you want to be in 6 years? JAPAN !
where were you last night? sa bahay
what you're not? envious.greedy.patient.
one of your wish list items? Dior iridescent 5-colour eyeshadow.. why do they have to be THAT attractive?
where you grew up? small provincial town that i hate
the last thing you did? posted a letter. a real paper and stamp letter lol
what are you wearing? black pants, black turtleneck, bright fluffy blue cardigan
your tv? an ooooooooooooooooold Philips portable. 15 years old. not even HDMI compatible ha!
your pet? none. i miss my cat though
your computer? Acer
your mood? serene ~_^
missing someone? yes hihi hubby, family, and friends
your car? n/a
something you're not wearing? skirt
favorite store? CAMi, Waterstone's, Lush, Fully booked
your summer? haven't seen the sun much hehe
love someone? guilty!
your favorite color? purple!
when is the last time you laughed? about an hour ago? =D
last time you cried? *secret*
are you a b*tch? i could be...
favorite position? #1 haha
favorite past time? read
are you a hater or a lover? love the love, hate the hate
are you genuine or fake? no plastic surgery, it is :)
any vices? yep! i am evil haha
pro life or wire hanger? huh?
mccain or obama? no idea, i hate politics
pro plastic or natural? natural
dream job? writer

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I surround myself by things, because I trust them more than people. I am unable to trust acquaintances, in fact, I am too afraid that they may betray me, as it often happened.

Or maybe I am such a bad friend I am unable to keep anyone near me?

I just don't want to suffer anymore...